Monday, May 3, 2010

Socializing with the enemy

Yesterday I had Bear's sister, husband and toddler over for appies and drinks. This is the first time they have ever been to our home, which we have lived in for 2 years, and the first time we have been alone in the same room as them for over 3 years.

I remember now why we don't get along. They are ugly people, inside and out and all they could talk about was themselves and the fact that Bear's family always "forgets" to invite us anywhere. Every single member of his family went to the Body Works exhibit in the city on Saturday and no one even thought to call us to see if we would like to go too. Assholes!! I really was trying to be nice having them over, but now I think that ignorance is bliss when it comes to his family.

I really don't care if I hang out with them or not, they aren't my favorite people on the planet. But the fact that we have a 7 month old daughter now doesn't seem to phase them. Why the hell do they not want to spend time with Baby Bear?! What the hell is wrong with his family?! They might not like me but, Baby Bear has done nothing to them and she would like to know her Grandparents at some point.


  1. How weird that they take no interest in your child. I don't even like babies very much, but I would be totally excited if my brother had a baby and would obviously have wanted to see it grow up and all that. Some people are just not very nice people, and there's very little to do with that, except to not involve oneself too much with them :/

    Ps. I love the design on your blog!

  2. Haha I agree Eva! Thanks for the compliment, made my gloomy day a little brighter.